kalenedral: Your face, sir. Your face. (Hollow Whispers That They Are)

See the darkness, hear the silence,

find your peace with inner violence.

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Name:Kalenedral 💀
Hi, I'm Aro! Here are my alts!

Height: 6'0"


Limbface (ghoul)
Lady Shadowmane (deathcharger)
The Army of the Dead (no individual names)

Bulbasaur, male - name: unnamed
Tepig, male - name: unnamed
Pidgey, female - name: unnamed

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"See the darkness, hear the silence, find your peace with inner violence."

Death is not the end for all creatures.

An RP journal for the Death Knight Kalenedral, former Scourge Commander and unrepentant monster of the frozen north.

...And his ghoul, Limbface, who will someday possess all of the shinies.

All of them.

Interests (20):

1- if the only good blood elf, 2- is a dead blood elf, 3- then obviously kal is fucking amazing, 4- //, abominations, acherus, alliance, azeroth, darion mograine, death knight lore, death knights, draenor, horde, koltira deathweaver, necromancy, scourge, thassarian, the ebon blade, undead, zombies
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